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From The Archives A Classic Lone Fan Article Reposted: Power Rangers Samurai Bullks Up

Power Rangers: Samurai Bulks Up!!!

Waaaay back one Saturday Morning in August of 1993 I found myself rising early to catch what I thought was going to be a tv special on Fox Kids. I sat down, turned on the tube, and caught my first glimpse of those oh so mighty morphin’ Power Rangers!

The special was of course a pilot for a show that seemed to intrigue me. The Fox affiliate station in my city (Does anyone today even remember what an affiliate station was?) bumped it to an early morning timeslot when it began to air regularly. I didn’t know anyone else who watched it, but the show had a sort of fun cheese like nothing I’d seen in a while, which when mixed with martial arts action and rubber suited baddies, created a zesty combo that practically forced me out from slumber to crawl neath the warm glory of the tv for a half hour of absolute insanity!

And then … disaster struck!!! No, not a creature from Finster’s monster-matic … (Man I love Finster!)

… but rather an ice storm that knocked the power out at my house for well over a month, along with the phones, cable; the whole nine yards. The area where I lived was declared a disaster area and stayed one for several weeks. When we finally did get a new lifeline to that most glorious of all household essentials (the television) I was shocked to find that Power Rangers … was popular! No more was it regulated to early morning viewing, it came on the in the afternoons after school and suddenly everyone I knew was watching it. Then the merchandising explosion hit! Then the first feature film! Power Rangers where everywhere! And oddly enough, they still are.

Beginning tonight (February 7th for those who might read this a day or two late) Power Rangers will premier the 18th Season in its long, long television run with …

There are very few series that have held in there as many years as this one has, and while I’ve never been able to figure out why exactly, I have to admit I still get a touch giddy knowing that it has. Giant monsters, spandex clad heroes in bright primary colors, corny jokes, and morality driven storytelling; there’s absolutely nothing mainstream cool about it, but Geek Cool? Oh yeah! Power Rangers is swimming in Geek Cool!

Like every incarnation of the show since Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, the new season, Power Rangers: Samurai, will feature an entirely new cast of heroes, villains, and supporting cast characters … well, mostly new.

The major buzz about the show has surrounded the fact that this will be the first season produced by the show’s original production company, Saban since they sold the rites to Disney amidst pre-production for the 10th season, Power Rangers: Wild Force. However, there is one other element from the Rangers past who will be returning.

See, way back in the olden days of those Zord wielding Champions, there was a well known pair of supporting cast character who made the show for most us: Farkis Bulkmire and Eugene Skullovitch; the one and only, Bulk and Skull!

They were by the far most interesting characters to watch and surprisingly enough went through light years more character development than any Ranger we’ve ever seen. The duo served together for the first six seasons, until actor Jason Narvy (Skull) left to attend college.

Paul Schrier (Bulk) stayed on for the show’s seventh season before calling it quits himself.

The pair was briefly reunited for a small role in the 10th anniversary episode Forever Red, but since that time they’ve been out of the Power Rangers universe altogether.
Until now!

Ladies and Gentlemen, in case you hadn’t heard, the one and only Mr. Paul Schrier will be returning to the role of Bulk for Power Rangers grand and glorious return to the hallowed halls of Saban! Mr. Bulkmire has been paired with newcomer Felix Ryan (Damian from the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious) who will be playing Bulk’s nephew, Spike.

The two have appeared together in a scene released to the net (and posted below) that’s incredibly reminiscent of Bulk and Skull’s hijinx of olde! Felix does a pretty good job of emoting Jason Narvy. I would have liked it if both Skull could have returned too, but with the comedic genius of Paul Schrier unleashed anew in the Ranger-Verse, I ain’t complainin’! What else is there to say? I’m looking forward to Power Rangers: Samuria.

I hope everyone enjoyed the clip, and if you’re unfamiliar with the Rangers why not give the show a shot? You could always be a fan waiting to happen. I know I was.

Thanks guys, for all the laughs that have been, and all the ones to come.

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