Friday, March 23, 2012

Music To Geek By: The Best Weird Melodies Of Warren Zevon

Okay, here's the deal.  I don't listen to a lot of music.  Why?  Well honestly because most music is about falling in love or drinking with your buddies or something normal like that.  I write a blog called A Lone Fan Crying In The Wilderness.  That's a Biblical reference mixed with Geek culture.  That's not normal, people! Okay?  That's just not!!!

So!  If I have to listen to the radio I've usually got a news program on or something strange like Coast To Coast or a cassette or cd with an old radio drama blasting.  If I do listen to music though, it's usually either a Christian track (Hey, let's face it.  That Biblical reference in my title didn't come outta nowhere) or it's something strange ... something odd ... something macabre.

That being said, I thought I might familiarize some of my readers with some great Geek music, or at least what I consider to be Geek music.  For today's feature we'll be starting out with a couple of classics from Warren Zevon!


What!!!  He stole my title!!!

Simmer down there.  It's Werewolves, not Werewolf.  Learn the difference between plural and singular, all right?

And following that, who could forget Mr. Zevon's immortal classic:

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner

If anyone likes these, let me know and I'll post some more in future.  After all there's a lot more weirdness out there than what's to be found in books and movies and weird is what this blog is all about!


  1. Ah yes, Mr. Zevon definitely left his mark on the music scene. Did you know that the alpha Werewolf in the Thundarr the Barbarian ep "Brotherhood of Night" bore the name Zevon?

  2. I didn't, but I don't think I've seen that episode in question. I've watched Thundarr where ever I can find it, but I've never had the pleasure to see all the episodes. Thanks for letting me know, though. Just one more reason to love the adventures of Princess Ariel, Ookla the Mok, and of course the titular Barbarian himself! Thanks for passing that on.