Friday, December 16, 2011

The Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man: Remake Edition Part 1

Long have comics renigged their positions!  Bold stances once made were quickly reversed when the dread dragon of fanboy outrage reared its gruesome head!  So badly had this malady maliad the sequential arts, that any change of substantial degree was almost certainly temporary at best.

Oh there were hallowed hallmarks once that assailed these forces!  Events so engrained that they seemed pillars of eternal irreversibility!  The Death of Bucky!  Norman Osborne's passing!  These were tried and true and yet even they too have now been undone.  Oh pitious fate!  Calamity beyond comprehension forever and ever more!!!

All that being said, the recently issued Amazing Spider-Man #676 has now unveiled a new look for Spidey's long time nemesis Dr. Octopus!

Here is how he once was seen!

And here is how he now shall be!

But seriously folks in a world where Barry Allen and Jason Todd can come back from the dead, does anyone really think that this is going to stick?  The look is bulky and overplayed and not nearly that original.  I realize they probably wanted to make him more powerful but why this massive of a rehaul?  Why not simply bring back the Adamantium Arms he had in The Revenge Of The Sinister Six storyline that ran from Spider-Man Vol.1 #18-23.

I mean he beat up the Hulk with those arms!  You heard me right!  BEAT UP THE HULK!!!

 How much more deadly do you need to be when you can trounce the strongest one there is?

I've actually gotten a bit tired of the excess in comic book storytelling.  It seems like everyone's getting a bigger, badder makeover these days and most of it is unnecessary.  Interesting characters make for good reading and when you turn the four-eyed fat kid of Spidey's rogues gallery (who already happens to be one of the most intimidating members of the bunch despite being the four-eyed fat kid) into a Terminator drone extra from McG's stab at the John Conner franchise then you've officially gone too far!

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