Friday, December 16, 2011

The Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man: Remake Edition Part 2

Long ago there was a film, Nay!  A Godsend by the legendary lord of the Evil Dead Sam Raimi himself!  This one did forge a motion picture that surpassed all its closer kin of comic book live action adaptery and brought Stan Lee's wallcrawler to the silver screen for the very first time!

And now by all the powers of the internet we do behold a test shot of the Green Goblin makeup that was once considered for use in that awesome celluloid gem!  BEHOLD THE GREEN GOBLIN AS HE COULD HAVE BEEN!!!

I have to admit I'm kind of torn.  I actually liked the way the Goblin appeared in the movies.  Making the outfit a flight suit and then using a demonic helmet as psychological warfare was a practical, believable way to explain why a weapons manufacturer would develop a million dollar boogeyman costume!  Looking at this though, the features of the makeup are as close to the comic as Spidey's suit in the movie.  I kind of find myself wishing they had gone in this direction.  I realize that the mask is a bit rubbery looking, but with color tinting and the proper lighting it could have been incredible!!!

This is one Spidey villain makeover (or rather a look at a possible makeover that never was) that I approve of!

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