Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man: Remake Edition part 3

I wasn’t expecting to write another one of these articles anytime soon, but the recent appearance of the new Lizard forced my hand.  I mean what do you say when they take this …

And turn it into this!

After witnessing the debut of the character’s mug on a new toy (courtesy of I honestly have to imagine that the director sat down at a design meeting and said, “Okay, I want the Lizard but before we use him let’s suck all the imagination out of his design and make him look as uninteresting as possible!”  If that is what happened, then all I can say is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

Seriously, Steve Ditko was one of the greatest comic book designers of all time, but I bet if you wrapped his rotting corpse in copper wiring just now the electricity produced from him spinning in his grave could light up Cleveland!

The movie remains to be seen and I’m still trying to keep a positive outlook on it.  I mean, I’ve been surprised before and honestly I want to like this movie!  I really, REALLY want to like it!  They’re just making it so darn hard!

But what do you think?

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