Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chris Alexander Previews Fangoria #311

Chris Alexander is THE VOICE OF FANGORIA!!!  This carnal Canadian is the mastermind, the maestro, the maniacal, miscreant muse of Fangoria magazine!  For so long has this publication been covering horror and shock cinema, some have come to regard it as a veritable institution of splatter house excellence.

For the last three months, the editor and chief of Fangoria has been giving us video previews of their upcoming issues.  Now, Mr. Alexander is back with a sneak peak at Fangoria #311.

He's going to talk Dr. Frankenstein radio dramas!
He's going to talk Nic Cage!
He's going to talk Roger Corman!
He's going to talk black and white cover presentations with blood red lettering seared across its top!

If you love the odd, the bizarre, or the strange this video will hold delights both gross and grand for your prying eyes.  Check it out below and be sure to visit his youtube channel for even more insights into dark and twisted corners of film, music, and beyond!  Enjoy ...

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