Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frank Langella Loves Being Skeletor

I contend and will till the day I die that 1987's Masters Of The Universe is a highly underrated fantasy film and one of best live action adaptations of 1980's toy/cartoon fair ever to be presented.  I have argued for the script, for the choice of setting the film on earth, and various other decisions director Gary Goddard made on his first feature outing.  Luckily one thing I rarely have to argue for is the stellar performance delivered by Frank Langella as Skeletor!  Mr. Langella is gold from beginning to end: fun and frightening, deadly yet poetic, and effective in every respect.

Now the great thespian shares some of his thoughts about the role of Skeletor and why he decided to take the part.  The video posted below is extremely short, amounting to just a few comments most of which are pretty basic, but it is nice to know that he enjoyed the part as much as he is appreciated for what he did with it.

By The Power of Grayskull!  Watch This Video!

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