Monday, February 20, 2012

Power Of The Horse, Full Force!

Created as a student project for Denmark's impressive animation school The Animation Workshop, Space Stallions was created by Thorvaldur S. Gunnarsson, Jonatan Brüsch, Ágúst Kristinsson, Arna Snæbjørnsdottir, Esben J. Jespersen, Touraj Khosravi and Polina Bokhan and may just be the greatest sci-fi fantasy cartoon never made!!!

The series obviously draws inspiration from the 80s but I'm sensing a pervading Rankin/Bass vibe more than anything else.  Compare the below pic of Lion-O with the image of Sun Ray at 01:45 for one point of reference.

Aside from the short, Space Stallions has an official facebook page and a website.  Whether it remains a student film or goes on to become something else, this idea is definitely worthy of a following!  I mean there have been shorter, less impressive pieces that have gone on to become cult classics!  Look at Bambi Meets Godzilla for crying out loud!

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