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From The Archives: The Adventures of Enos Straight Beyond Hazzard County

(originally published on June 7, 2010)

Howdy y'all! As a good ole Southern Boy myself, and a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard tv series to boot, y'all can understand that I'm a' bustin' at the seems to let y'all know about Enos!

Now for all y'all that thinks you know all 'bout Sheriff Roscoe's favorite deputy, then step up and let me learn yah a thing or three.   See, round about the Duke Boys third season ole Enos up and left for yonder parts, while Boss Hogg's relative Cletus took over his deputy duties.  But Enos weren't just away for nothin', no sirree!  He was busy with this :

Enough with the vernacular for a bit.  This show lasted one season and has never been released for home viewing.  As the opening credits fairly well establish, Enos becomes a hero after capturing a dangerous criminal, more or less by accident.  He uses his fame to transfer to the Los Angeles Police Department where his country charm provides some great comedy when clashing with his contemporary modern setting.
The show was nominated for Two Peoples Choice Awards despite being canceled.  It co-starred the fantastic Mr. Samuel E. Wright as Enos' jive talking partner... who I was unable to find a decent solo photo of.  I did manage to find one featuring himself with Sonny Shroyer, John Dehner (far right) who played Lt. Jacob Broggi and John Milford (back center) who played Captain Dempsy.

For those who are interested Mr. Shroyer has a page dedicated to this show on his official website.
Outside of a few fan efforts there has never been a major move to get this wonderful show on dvd. A large part of that lies in the fact that very few people, even within the DUKES fanbase, don't even know that this wonderful gem of a show exists. Hopefully this article and others will change that and draw Enos the attention he deserves.

For those interested in learning about Enos, you can find more information at and, or you can support an Enos DVD release by voting for it on

And just to tide you over allow me to present a clip featuring Deputy Strate with none other than Catwom, I mean Michelle Pfeiffer!

Y'all come back now, y'here!

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