Monday, July 2, 2012

From The Arichives: We're Off To Save The Wizard

Remember when tv used to be this good ...

... and every spot for every show was a tantilizing pledge of adventures to come ...

... well, it can be again my friends! The Wizard was produced by Fox for the 1986-87 television season on CBS and stared David Rappaport of Time Bandits Fame!

Despite its popularity, the show was cancelled because Fox was gearing up to create its own network and didn't want to spend money creating a hit show for what was now their competition.

However, Nabil Shaban, a friend of the late, great Mr. Rappaport has joined with fans and the creators of this lost gem in an effort to petition FOX to release the show on DVD. Mr. Shaban has created an interesting youtube video explaining thier position.

To find out more about the efforts being done to save the show, please visit

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