Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Yesterday Tonight!!!

A.J. LoCascio made his mark on geek culture by bursting onto the scenes of Telltale Games' recent point and click adventure series Back To The Future: The Game, as the voice of Marty McFly, giving a standout performance by not only perfectly mimicing Michael J. Fox's voice, but by endowing it with a sense of life and passion that truly stood out!

Now, Mr. LoCascio has returned with a pilot for a show focusing on the glorious 80's and 90's!  If you were a Nick Kid, if you watched TGIF, if you can do the Carlton Dance, or love to geek out with Rugrats trivia, this is the show for you!

Mr. LoCascio hopes to have this series picked up by a network, so if you liked it, visit his youtube page and give this video some legitimate views!  Facebook it!  Tell your friends!  Preach the good news!  The past can be the present, and yesterday can be tonight, but only with your help!  Now you know, and ...

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