Sunday, July 1, 2012

From The Archives: The Blue Bomber Goes Hollywood

(orginally posted on June 10, 2010)

Independent filmmaker Eddie Lebron has created a 90 minute Mega Man fan film, that’s pretty darn good from where I sit. It features all six of the Robot Masters from the original game, some of which are completely constructed in CGI.

Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Proto Man, Roll, they’re all along for the ride! We even get to see a version of Skull Castle and then of course there is our titular hero played by Mr. Jun Naito.

Mention should also be made of Mr. Dave Maulbeck who insidiously steals the show in his fun, funny, and sometimes frightening portrayal of Dr. Albert Wily!

I have never seen a video game film that was this true to the source material and in spite of its budget and production limitations, its still pound for pound, one of the best video game movies I’ve ever seen and by far the most faithful. You can tell the filmmakers had a real passion for the blue bomber!

You can check out the director’s website here or you can head over to and watch the actual movie!

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