Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From The Archives: Big Bold Boom Has Got It Covered!

(This is an article first published on December 7th 2010 on my old wordpress blog about BOOM! Studios sadly now cancelled line of Disney Afternoon comics.  These books may be gone but theIR creative cover art lives on!)

The current crop of Disney comics coming out of Boom Studios continues to impress me! As many of you may remember I've commented on the quality of thier work a few times before. One of the articles in question displayed three different covers for the first issue of thier new series Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, but Boom is apparently not stopping there.

They've recently announced a fourth cover that will only be available through comic book and retail stores, and it's as eye catching as the first three. Check it out!

The series went on sale December 2nd, a day later than it was supposed to due to holiday season shipping issues. In addition to that they've also unvieled two new covers for the upcoming third issue of the series.



I've been reading comic books for nearly 17 years in all kinds of styles and genres, and it's been a long time since I became this excited about cover art! But Rescue Rangers isn't the only series that's gotten my attention. Boom's Darkwing Duck covers are nothing short of amazing!

That comic in question is already two issues into its new four part story arc Crisis On Infinite Darkwings (an obvious parody of DC's 1985/86 mini-series Crisis On Infinite Earths) and while Issue #5 (the first part of the story arc) is sadly sold out, it's selection of cover art as well as the cover art for Issue #6 (now on sale) and Issue's #7 and #8 (on sale soon) is everything you've come to expect from them.

Check 'em out and see for youself!

Issue #5 Cover A

Issue #5 Cover B

Issue #6 Cover A

Issue #6 Cover B

Issue #7 Cover A

Issue #7 Cover B

Issue #8 Cover A

Issue #8 Cover B

I never really got into the multi-cover fad when the big boys (ie Marvel and DC) tried it out, but for some reason these books tend to strike a cord with me. Walt Disney and his team of animators spent decades creating and refining a type of visually expressive cartoon art that is still used by many and if I may say, few have used it to better effect than the artists at Boom Studios. That's just an opinion, of course, but it's one I'm proud of and will readily defend!

Till next time everyone!

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