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From The Archives: BOOM! The Rangers Are Back!

(Following my previous post, I thought I'd get the whole Boom! thing out of my system and relay another old article I wrote about their Disney Comics Line.  It's a blast from the past originally posted on November 20th 2010.  Enjoy!)

As some of you might remember I wrote not one but two previous entries about the upcoming Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers comic book from Boom! Studios.

I'm really remiss for not posting this sooner because it's been online for quite some time, but in case anyone's interested here is a preview of the first five pages of the upcoming comic!

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Pages 4 & 5

For those of you who recognize the leads but are unfamiliar with some of the other characters, Pages 1-3 feature Gadget's long lost father Geegaw Hackwrench. Geegaw is mentioned briefly in To The Rescue, a five-part episode from the original cartoon that explains how the Rescue Rangers originally teamed up. We actually aren't told a lot about the character other than the fact that he recently died and that he was an old buddy of Monterey Jack's.

The Rescue Rangers comic book that Disney published to coincide with the release of the original cartoon used Geegaw in flashbacks, but his appearances made him out to be an inventor as opposed to an ace aircraft pilot which is how the show portrayed him.

His appearance in Boom!'s comic however seems more in keeping with the character the cartoon briefly mentioned. If that doesn't go to show that Boom! is paying attention to the details, then the double page splash panel at the end certainly does.

Not only do we see the villainous forms of Fat Cat and Professor Norton Nimnul, but two of the Pi-Rats (a group of characters who appeared in not one but two episodes of the cartoon (as well as a few issues of the comic)) are shown on Page 4 with them and on Page 5 we not only see the evil ninja mouse Bubbles (who appeared in the episode Case of the Cola Cult which remains one of the Ranger's most popular adventures) but we also see Foxglove the bat!

Foxglove appeared in one episode of the cartoon, toward the end of the show's run. Her introductory story Good Times, Bat Times is another well remembered episode and Foxglove herself remains perhaps the most beloved one-shot character of the series. In fact, it's been argued that she is better liked than some of the Rangers themselves. Check out her fansite The Foxglove Feature for more on her fan following!
Boom!'s comic is already generating a lot of positive buzz from the various fan communities, and looks to be a hit already! And what's more? THE BOOK IS NOW ON SALE!!!

The first four issues of the new comic can be purchased as a four issue subscription by North American audiences here and International audiences here!

And if that's not enough crime fighting, fedora wearing, 'golly' swearing, rodent cuteness for you, here are the two covers for the upcoming second issue of this soon-to-be best seller!

Cover A

Cover B

(Gee, I wonder who the villain will be in this one?)

Well, that's all the time we've got for today! See ya' later ya' crazy kids!!!

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