Friday, April 6, 2012

My Little Pony: This Fanbase Is Magic - And So Is Daddy Discord!!!

I have been a member of some committed fanbases in my time, but the sheer volume of quality work that continues to pour out of the Brony/Pegasister community overwhelms me at every turn!  I could name any number of excellent fan fictions, fan art, and even some very well constructed animation, but today I've chosen to showcase a video that has not only impressed me but in some not-small-way touched me on an emotional level.  I am of course talking about Daddy Discord.

Daddy Discord is the second in a series of songs dedicated to the ficitonalized relationship between My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's chief villain DISCORD!!!

And an anonymous pony who shows up at mark 00:11 in the video below:

The pony in question has been given two names by the fanbase, Topsy Turvy and Screwball.  I have to admit I like the name Topsy Turvy better because I think it fits better with status quo of pony names in the show.  However, Screwball seems to be the more popular of the two (at least from what I've seen) and it's the one used in Daddy Discord, so that's how I'll be refering to her from now on.

It's nothing new for the Brony/Pegasister community to name background characters.  They actually gave the name Derpy Hooves to an unnamed pony who had been dubbed by her model sheet as Ditzy Doo, and guess what?  The animators actually changed her name because of the popularity Derpy enjoyed among the fanbase.  While the creators behind Friendship Is Magic might be a tad more wary of doing that in the future as the name Derpy (which can be used as slang for retarded, though it does have other meanings) has caused some backlash among viewers (read more on that here), and yet I can't help but wonder if the fuss being kicked up over Screwball might lend her to more appearances and possibly coming to be called by that name in the future.

Getting back to the main story, Daddy Discord is a fantastic piece of music with a wonderful slideshow presentation behind it.  It has a powerful dramatic affect!

The voice of Screwball is provided by youtube user SiminaCindy who gives a touching performance as well as invoking some haunting tones to match the somber yet still hopeful tune.  And yet as good as SiminaCindy is, I think the show is stolen by fellow youtube channel provider Lanovran  who breathes life into Discord.  The actor does a marvelous job of imitating the original voice actor John De Lancie, so much so that when I first heard this I thought it might actually be him!

I'm not sure who wrote or performed the music, but the original version of the song was uploaded by SandJosieph so I'm assuming that's who put everything together.  Whether you're already a fan, are curious about the following, or are just interested in good music Daddy Discord will have something for you!  Check it out and let me know what you think!

On a finale note, I want to acknowledge that the video I've posted is a reloaded version of the original with new artwork being provided by MadameLeFlour.  I think it adds a lot to the production.  Kudos Madame!  Kudos indeed!

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